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Industrial Coatings

AST/Acme specializes in the application of high performance coatings and linings to prolong the life and optimize efficiency of equipment in corrosive & abrasive environments. We are a proven leader in the coating of air-handling equipment; including fans, ventilators, unit heaters, and HVAC climate changers.

In most cases AST/Acme receives fully assembled air handler units direct from the manufacturer. We disassemble the units and prepare all surfaces to be coated by grit blasting and/or chemical treatment whichever is most appropriate. Then special coatings are applied in strict accordance with prescribed specifications; however, we don’t stop there. After the coating has been applied, quality assurance testing is performed to check adhesion for proper coating thickness and continuity. Following these test AST/Acme reassembles the equipment and ships direct to end user.

Another Industrial coating in the AST/Acme repertoire is that of powder coatings. These powders include Epoxies, Polyesters, Nylon, PVC, Kynar, Halar,and many versions of Teflon products. We have found the use of electrostatic spray allows for excellent coverage and can be used for decorative requirements to protect against severe high temperature and corrosion conditions.The oven capacity at our plant measures (12’ * 10’ * 18) which enables us to coat large industrial equipment with high curing temperatures.



  • Urethanes
  • Epoxies
  • Airdry epoxies
  • Epoxy Phenolics
  • Enamels
  • Antimicrobials air dry coatings
  • Vinyl Ester coatings
  • Plastisol (PVC)

  • Black dip PVC
  • Orange dip PVC
  • Red dip PVC
  • Yellow Spray PVC
  • Gray Spray PVC

  • Military Coatings
    MIL-PRF-23377D, E & F Type I Class 1 Epoxy Primer
    MIL-PRF-24635C Silicone Alkyd Enamel
    CS 3204 Aircraft Integral Fuel Tank Sealant
    MIL-PRF-22750F High Solids Epoxy Topcoat
    MIL-P24441B, Type III Epoxy Polyamide
    MIL-PRF-24667B High Solids Non-Slip Deck Coating Type I Comp G
    MIL-24441 Type III Epoxy Polyamide
    MIL-PRF-85285D Ordnance High Solids Polyurethane, Type 2, Class H
    Concrete Saver® Anti-Slip Floor Coatings Heavy Vehicle Grade AS9100 System
    Light Gray Silicone Alkyd Enamel, Type ll. Class 2, Grade B
    MIL-PRF-85285D Two Component Tan Flat High Solids Urethane Type II